Flawless skin made easy with TUM Foundation Liquid. This 30ml bottle offers a matte, moisturizing effect for smooth, milk-like complexion. Long-lasting, non-cakey formula with a refreshing fragrance.

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"TaleMei TLM Color Changing Foundation" is a revolutionary product that simplifies the process of finding the perfect foundation shade. The foundation comes out of the bottle as a white cream, but as you apply it to your skin, it adapts and changes color
Matte finish: This foundation liquid provides a long-lasting matte finish, giving the skin a natural and flawless look. Moisturizing: It has moisturizing properties that nourish the skin, keeping it hydrated and smooth. Temperature-adaptive formula: The foundation liquid has a temperature-adaptive formula that adjusts to the skin's temperature, ensuring a color match and providing a natural-looking makeup.
Long-lasting wear: Its long-lasting formula keeps the makeup in place, preventing it from smudging or fading, allowing you to maintain a perfect look throughout the day. Refreshing fragrance: The foundation liquid has a pleasant fragrance that enhances the overall makeup experience, making it more enjoyable.
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