YIGANERJING Chinese herbal antibacterial spray can relieve foot troubles, relieve itching, deodorize and sweat, and protect healthy feet

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Treatment included Foot itch, foot odor, foot sweat, peeling and other issues, but also effectively keep the feet dry and comfortable!
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Recommend Anti Fungus Sport Star Deodorant Body Spray Natural Antibacterial Foot Spray

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Shelf life

2 years

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external use, spraying this on the affected aera, after symptoms disappeared and use this product for 7 days , avoid diease reappering

Scope of application

itchy feet, foot peeling,bad foot,ringworm of the body

Main ingredients

the wolf poison,white skin tineasoil park skin,cnidium monnieri ,sophora ,camphor ,cortex phellodendri,chrysanthemum indicum


Treatment included Foot itch, foot odor, foot sweat, peeling and other issues, but also effectively keep the feet dry and comfortable!


Here are five detailed selling points for YIGANERJING Herbal Antimicrobial Spray:

  1. Itch Relief and Odor Elimination: This spray provides fast relief from foot itching and eliminates unpleasant odors, leaving your feet feeling refreshed and pleasant.

  2. Antimicrobial and Sweat Control: The spray's antimicrobial properties effectively prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi while controlling excess sweat production, ensuring dryness and comfort for your feet.

  3. Soothes Foot Discomfort: Whether it's fatigue from prolonged shoe wearing or discomfort caused by exercise, standing, or walking, the spray offers soothing and relaxing effects, giving your feet a sense of care and relief.

  4. Comprehensive Foot Protection: YIGANERJING spray provides comprehensive foot protection. It promotes blood circulation, nourishes the skin, prevents cracks and roughness, and maintains the moisture balance of your feet, ensuring their health and beauty.

  5. Holistic Care Benefits: By choosing YIGANERJING Herbal Antimicrobial Spray, you'll enjoy the comprehensive benefits of holistic foot care. It provides all-around care and protection for your feet, allowing you to have comfortable and healthy feet.

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