38g Exfoliating callus removal whitening foot mask whitening and moisturizing peeling foot mask

YIGANERJING is a classic foot mask brand with a unique formula designed to moisturize, nourish, and exfoliate for deep repair. Its 38g/bag product helps create smooth and beautiful feet.
Product Details

yiganerjing exfoliating foot peel mask extract dry treatment foot mask to remove dead skin film 38g

Product name yiganerjing Foot mask to remove dead skin 38g
Usage foot
Color white
Net content of the product 38g
Usage External use
Keyword Foot mask to remove dead skin
Shelf life 3 years
Functions Rremoval of calluses on feet,repairing skin damage,hydrating and nourishing the skin.
Ingredients water,glycerin,butanediol,rose(ROSA RUGOSA)flower oil,white willow(SALIX ALBA)bark extract,ginseng(PANAXGINSENG)root extract,trehalose,hydroxyethyl cellulose,dodecane Hexamethyltrimethylammonium chloride,glycolic acid,lactic acid,papain,allantoin,sodium hyaluronate,ethylhexyl glycerol.

YIGANERJING Foot Mask is a foot care product with the following five detailed selling points:

  1. Unique formula: YIGANERJING Foot Mask uses a Chinese herbal formula containing various natural plant extracts that can moisturize, soothe, relieve itching, exfoliate and repair the foot skin deeply, making your feet smooth and soft.

  2. Exfoliating: YIGANERJING Foot Mask can gently remove foot calluses, promote keratin metabolism, reduce aging keratin, make your feet softer, relieve foot fatigue, and make your feet healthier.

  3. Moisturizing: YIGANERJING Foot Mask is rich in natural moisturizing factors and nutrients that can deeply nourish foot skin, replenish water, and repair dry, rough foot skin, making your feet hydrated, soft and elastic.

  4. Soothing fatigue: YIGANERJING Foot Mask also has a soothing fatigue effect, which can relieve foot muscle fatigue, promote blood circulation, improve foot blood circulation problems, and make your feet feel more relaxed and comfortable.

  5. Dual care: YIGANERJING Foot Mask is designed with a special double-layered mask. The inner layer contains foot mask essence, and the outer layer is a gentle waterproof material that can better penetrate the essence into the deep layers of foot skin while maintaining temperature, giving your feet comprehensive care.
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