30g Yiganerjing Anti Acne Cream Chinese Herbal Pimples Blackhead Removal Cream Acne Treatment Gel

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YIGANERJING  Acne Treatment Cream 30g: Regain Skin's Natural Balance with Effective Oil Control, Experience the Power of Strong Acne Treatment, and Say Goodbye to Stubborn Blackheads for a Clear, Healthy, and Radiant Complexion.
Product Details

30g Yiganerjing Anti Acne Cream Chinese Herbal Pimples Blackhead Removal Cream Acne Treatment Gel

Product name Yiganerjing Acne Ointment
MOQ 10pcs
Used for Facial
weight 30g
Features Remove acne acne acne marks
Precautions For external use, oral administration is strictly prohibited
Target users Children and adults
Types of Ointment

Here are five detailed selling points for YIGANERJING Acne Treatment Cream 30g:

  1. Oil Control and Balance: This cream excels at controlling and balancing oil production. It effectively absorbs excess oil, reduces shine, and helps keep the skin feeling fresh and oil-free.

  2. Powerful Acne Treatment: YIGANERJING cream employs a potent formula that effectively combats acne. It rapidly reduces the number and size of acne breakouts and accelerates the healing process.

  3. Blackhead Removal: In addition to treating acne, this cream is also effective at removing blackheads. Its ingredients penetrate deep into the pores, eliminating clogs and impurities, reducing blackhead formation, and leaving the skin cleaner and smoother.

  4. Soothing and Repairing: YIGANERJING cream contains soothing and repairing ingredients that alleviate inflammation and redness caused by acne. It provides relief from discomfort associated with acne and promotes the skin's natural healing process.

  5. Natural Formula: This cream is formulated with natural ingredients, including plant extracts and herbal components. It is free from harmful chemicals, gentle yet effective, suitable for all skin types, and minimizes the risk of irritation and allergies.

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